Domestic Departure Passenger
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Step 1: Passenger approaches the departure hall – second floor, Domestic Terminal T1

Domestic Terminal has following halls:

Hall A (check in counters numbered from 01 to 30)

Hall B ( check in counters numbered from 31 to 60)

Hall E ( check in counters numbered from 101 to 138)

Kios check-in: 03 counters

Vietnam Airlines: hall A & B

Vietjet Air: hall A (HAN - SGN route) & E (others domestic route)

Jetstar Pacific: hall E

Hai Au: hall E

Vasco: hall A

Step 2: Check-in:

Passenger present air ticket and personal documents to do check in at check in counters or kiosk check in.

If visual check is required for checked baggage, passenger contact Airlines staff for checking after the announcement. If the result is satisfied, passenger will proceed to departure lounge.

To understand about regulations on checked baggage , please check information at the Regulation on checked baggage and handheld baggage.

Step 3: Security check:

Passenger present boarding pass and personal documents at each security gate.

Passenger proceed to security check area, take off personal accessories such us belt, wallet, handy phone, shoes and other items as may be requested by security staffs for security screening along with handheld baggage. Passenger passes through walk through metal detector. After checking, passenger enter departure lounge.

Step 4: Enter departure lounge for departure:

Hall A: gates number 01, 01A, 02 and 02A

Hall B: gates number 09, 09A, 10 and 10A

Hall D: gates number 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08

Hall E: gates number 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15


Details of boarding gates are shown on Terminal layout.

Passenger check Boarding gate on boarding pass.

Passenger present boarding pass and personal documents for ground handling staff for boarding.
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