Free shuttle bus between terminals at Noi Bai International Airport (NIA)
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Getting between the Terminals

The “NIA-Shuttle bus” is Noi Bai International Airport’s free shuttle bus service which connects the T1 Domestic and T2 International Terminal. The service currently operates every 15-30 minutes.

The shuttle bus journey between terminals at the public area takes about 8-10 minutes and operates every day from 6am until 01.30am the next day.


T1 Domestic: The shuttle bus stop is located in Lobby A, Arrivals level, Domestic Terminal (T1); departs from 6am until 23.30pm.

T2 International: The shuttle bus stop is located near column 16-18, lane 2, Arrivals level, International Terminal (T2); departs from 7.30am – 01.30am the next day.

Frequency (daily)

T1 ßà T2

6am – 7.30am

30 min

7.30am – 23.30pm

15 min

23.30pm – 01.30am (the next day)

30 min


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