Regulation for Liquids
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(In accordance with Circular 30/2012/TT-BGTVT by Ministry of Transport)


1. Each passenger shall be allowed to carry no more than one liter of liquid in person and with cabin baggage except for liquids (all type of water), condensed liquids, sprays being medicine, milk, foods for babies or purchases made at duty free shops at sterile areas of terminal or in flights.

2. Capacity of the bottle, jug containing liquids carried in person or with cabin baggage shall not exceed 100ml and shall be tightly closed. The bottle, jug shall be put in the transparent bag as regulated in Annex XXVI. One bag is applied for one passenger.

3. Medicine shall be attached with prescription which clearly notify name of doctor, name of patient (the same with passenger’s name). For milk, food for children and babies, they are required to be present.

4. Liquids made at duty free shops at sterile area or in flights shall be accepted to be carried in person or with cabin baggage provided that it is contained in transparent bag of the seller with seal as regulated in Annex XXVI; invoice with following information is put inside the bag at the visible position without opening bag:

- Date of purchase (date/month/year);

- Place of purchase (nation, airport, airlines) following international cose;

- Flight number, passenger name;

- List and quantity of purchase.

For more information, please contact Airlines prior to flight.
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Regulation for Liquids
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Regulation for Liquids

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