Capacities and Facilities of Terminals
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Domestic Passenger Terminal (T1)

Domestic Passenger Terminal (T1) was put into operation since October 2001 with the original design of 4 halls: hall A, hall B, hall C, hall D with total floor area of 90,000m2, design capacity of 6 MPA. At the end of 2013, hall E (the extension part of T1) was put into operation which increase the total floor area of T1 to 115,000m2 and the capacity of 15MPA. At that time, the passenger volume was 12,825,784, exceeding 42% of design capacity.

Since December 31, 2014 T1 has been used for domestic flights (all international flights have been moved to Terminal 2 for operation)

- Check in counters: 98 check in counters located at Hall A, Hall B, Hall E and 4 counters for passenger without checked baggage.

- Baggage claim conveyor: 08 arrival Baggage claim conveyor at Hall A (3 conveyors), Hall B (3 conveyors), Hall E (2 conveyors). 

- Flight information display systems: 210 monitors at required locations such as public hall, check in counters, departure lounge, gate, Baggage claim conveyor …

- Boarding gate: 19 gates numbered as: 1, 2, 2A, 3, 3A, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8A, 9, 9A, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

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- Information: 02 information counters on the first floor, centre area, adjacent to elevator and on the second floor of Hall E.

- Medical room:  02 rooms located on the first floor, hall A and Mezzanine, hall E.

- Lost and found: 4 counters, of which 2 counters at hall A, B and 2 counters at hall E.

- Service counters: tourism information, book and newspaper, taxi, fast food, souvenir shop…

- Parking positions: 23 parking positions of which 07 PBB positions (15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21) and 16 remote parking positions.

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- Car park: total area of 17,000 m2, with capacity of 373 cars from 04 to 45 seats at peak hour. T1 is now under study for renovation for quality improvement.


International Passenger Terminal (T2):

Terminal 2 was officially put into operation since December 25, 2014. The Terminal was built with 4 floors (not mentioning the basement) following the design concept of wing span which in very close to nature. Energy saving ideas such as maximum intake of natural light was contained. Wing span: 980m, height: 29m, total floor area: 130,216m2, total capacity: 10MPA (15MPA is possible).

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T2 is equipped with latest technical system: Baggage handling system, Airport Security System (5 screening levels covering automatic screening and detection of explosives), Passenger Boarding Bridge (14 double bridges connected to VDGS, BMS, FIDS).

Each bridge consists of two tunnels and accompanied accessories  GPU, PCA, PWS, 18 units of VDGS, 22 units of ASIS, 283 units of FIDS available in all required locations as public hall, check-in counters, departure lounge, gate, baggage claim carrousel; 96 check in counters, 10 kiosk check-in, master clock system connected to GPS for precise time.

CCTV system is connected to ACS; PAS covers 41 annoucement zones and consists of microphone with noise sensor and adjustable volume; PTVIS can broadcast seperate programs at separate area as well a combined programs as pre-set up. ACS is mounted to separate difference security controlled zone to control the accessment by scanning magnatic card. Wifi system can adapt 32768 log in at the same time.

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First floor: for international arrival passenger with total floor area of 40,832.60m2.

In the restricted area: Office area and technical area are located along two wings

The centre is designed for duty free, arrival lounge, baggage claim area, departure baggage racetrack, lost and found store, technical rooms. In arrival hall: Information, service counters, foreign exchange counters, ATM, fastfood …

Second floor: For departure passengers (connecting passengers) and international arrival with total floor areas of 36,928.90m². In the restricted area: The centre is designed for processing connecting passengers and immigration for arrival passenger. International Airlines office zone is located on West wing while other offices of other companies in the airports are located on the East wing; in the pubic area: locker room, restaurants, shops …

Third floor: For international departure passenger with total floor area of 36,928.90m². In restricted and sterile area: the center is designed for immigration, security check then centre duty free shop. International departure lougnes, fast food, shops are located on the two wings. There is also play ground in the West wing and VAT refund bank on the East wing. In the public area: check in counters, Information, packaging, ticket counters, fast food, souvernir shop …

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Forth floor: In the sterile area: First and business class lounge, massage service. In the public area: restaurants, shops with total areas of 11,164.40m².

Parking: There are parking space for private car, employee’s car, bus and taxi.

Peak day capacity: 30,000 pax, 230 flights

Peak hour capacity: 3,000 pax, 23 flights

Terminal capacity: 10 MPA (from 2015 to 2020) and 15 MPA (2020 to 2030).

- Check in counters: 96 counters divived in 4 islands /B, C/D, E/F, G/H, 10 kiosks check in.

- Baggage claim caroussel: 6 units number from one to six

 - Information: 2 counters on the first and the third floor

- Customs inspection counters: 8 counters for departure, 6 counters for arrival

- Immigration counters: 44 counters for departures, 44 counters for arrival.
- FIDS: 283 monitors mounted on all required location such as public hall, check in counters, gate lounge, baggage claim carrousel …

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- Lift, escalator, moving side walk are equipped for movement within floors and areas in the terminal, especially for the assistance to disable persons and elderly persons.

- Medical room: 2 rooms on the third floor, one room on the first floor

- - Lost and found counter: 02 counters on the first floor

- Services counters: VAT refund, Tourism information, post, bookstore, taxi counter …

- Duty free shop, restaurants, fast food with free Wifi.

- Boarding gates: 17 gates numbered from 20 to 36 of which 14 boarding bridge gate numbered form 20 to 24 and 28 to 36 and 3 bus gates numbered 25, 26, 27.

- On the apron: 24 parking stands of which there are14 boarding bridge stands and 10 bus stands

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- VDGS: 18 units and 22 panels;

- Fuel hydrant system: fuel at T2 is supplied by fuel hydrant system via wing service through hydrant pits.

- Car park: with total area of 33,000 m2, total capacity of 888 car from 04 – 45 seats at peak hour (not including the southern car park for taxi).

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