Rescue & Fire Fighting
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Noi Bai International Airport establish and maintain all agents providing Emergency Fire Service at the airport that reach to standard of level 9 and meet the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as well as the current regulations of  the Ministry of Transport  Vietnam, Civil Aviation Authority of  Vietnam. 

Rescuers, firefighters and command officers are professionally trained, have good professional skills as well as practical experience in the inspection of fire prevention and fire fighting and rescue. Fire hydrant and rescue vehicles including 04 fire engines with full modern equipment, water source, form, powder extinguishers that always ready to participate in firefighting and effective response in emergency situations at the airports. (For example: time to control 90% of the fire within 1 minute, 90 seconds to save people, duration of  firefighting up to 3 minutes, must be achieved response time of 2 minutes and not exceed 3 minutes until the end of spray fire fighting foam).

Besides the fire hydrant and rescue service, Noi Bai international airport also frequently provide other services related to airline operators at the port as:

- Services of watching aircraft start the engine, loading oil,

- Services of washing spilled oil, cooling aircraft tires,

- Services of spraying water to welcome in the event,

- Service of alerting wingtips of aircraft, setting the safety signals...

Contacts to Department of Emergency and Firefighting via:

- Level 1, the East of passenger terminal T2, Noi Bai international airport

- Internal Phone: 6323; 6610; 04.3587.6610;

- Radio-frequency: 152 750 MHZ.
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