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To enhance the quality of passenger service, Noi Bai International Airport has set up free electronic device charging points for passengers. At each point, there is a cluster with multiple charging outlets designed for commonly used mobile phones, catering to the needs of passengers.

* Domesitc passenger terminal T1:

- Public area on the 1st floor: 01 location at Hall A, 01 location at Hall B.

- Isolation area on the 2nd floor: Halls A, B, D, E; each hall has from 04 to 08 locations.

* Intenational passenger terminal T2:

- Public hall on the 3rd floor: 02 locations on both sites of the Information Desk counter.

- Isolation area on the 3rd floor: 23 locations located in the area of the gates from gate 20 to gate 36.

- Isolation area on the 1st floor: 04 locations.



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