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1. Taxi



2. Mini bus

 Service is provided for all flights of the days including weekends and holidays. 

Located at:

 Located at hall A E, first floor, Terminal 1 and East End - West End, first floor, Terminal 2.

3. Bus

 - Route No.07: Noi Bai - Cau Giay

 + 8.000 VND/trip

+ Departs at 5h00 to 10h30

 - Route No.90: Noi Bai - Kim Ma

 + 9.000 VND/trip

+ Departs at 5h00 to 22h30

 - Route No.17: Noi Bai - Long Bien

 + 9.000 VND/trip

+ Departs at 5h10 to 22h00

 - Route No.109: Noi Bai - My Dinh

 + 8.000 VND/trip

+ Departs at 5h00 to 22h00

- Route No.86: Noi Bai - Ha Noi Railway Station

+ 45.000 VND/trip

+ Departs at 7h00 to 22h15

- Route No.68: Noi Bai - Ha Dong

+ 50.000 VND/trip

+ Departs at 5h00 to 23h00.

- Route E10: Noi Bai - Ocean Park

9.000 VND/trip

+ Departs at 06h20 to 22h00

 4. Electric vehicles

 Electric vehicles provide transportation for passenger inside car park of Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and on Vo Van Kiet road - the section passing thought Noi Bai Airport. These electric vehicles facilitate passenger transfers between the two passenger terminals, to the cargo terminal, to the motorbike park, to the bus stops and to the headquarters of various companies at Noi Bai Airport.

 - Frequency: 10 - 15 minutes/trip

 - Pick up and drop off points: Terminal T1-T2

 - Service time: from 05h00 - 23h00 daily

 - Ticket price: 15.000 VND/person/way

 There are three electric vehicle companies:

 - Noi Bai Electric Vehicle: green-colored vehicles.

 - Hoang Phong Electric Vehicle: white-colored vehicles.

 - Capital Electric Vehicle: yellow-colored vehicles.

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