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A male passenger left his wallet containing 50 million VND on a luggage trolley in a public area and was luckily discovered and handled according to procedures by a female employee at Noi Bai International Airport."

"In the evening of June 16th, in the public area of Hall B, 1st floor, Terminal 1 of Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi), Ms. Bui Thi Huyen - Trolley Team, Operations Center of Noi Bai Airport, found a black wallet left on a luggage trolley. Identifying it as a passenger's belonging, Ms. Huyen promptly notified the Noi Bai Airport Security staff.

The Noi Bai Airport Security Mobile Force quickly visually inspected, conducted explosive detection, and security screening on the wallet and prepared a handover report to the Mobile Security Team. During the inspection, the security forces noted inside the wallet a Volvo car key and an ID card bearing the name N.T.T.

In a conversation with Ms. Huyen, she happily shared: "At that time, it was dark and crowded, but luckily no one picked it up."

Ms. Bui Thi Huyen Returning the Black Leather Wallet

When asked why she often finds lost belongings, Ms. Huyen chuckles and says, "Perhaps it's fate, sir." She further recalls a recent incident when, around 1 a.m., she discovered a wallet in the car park. Before she could report it to security, the owner hurriedly approached her. After the guest described the wallet in detail and correctly read the ID card number inside, Ms. Huyen returned the wallet to its rightful owner. The guest revealed that the wallet contained several hundred million VND, expressing heartfelt gratitude towards Ms. Huyen, who humbly declined and only accepted a handshake before bidding farewell and resuming her diligent work through the night.

Recently, Ms. Huyen and many of her colleagues were honored with gifts by the Director of Noi Bai International Airport for their assistance in helping passengers retrieve valuable lost items multiple times. At the appreciation conference for workers, Ms. Huyen candidly shared an emotional moment involving a foreign guest who witnessed her finding a forgotten bag. "Woww! I love Ha Noi, Viet Nam," exclaimed the foreign guest, looking at Ms. Huyen with a bright smile!

To seek lost luggage at Noi Bai International Airport within 24 hours of misplacement, passengers are advised to contact the hotline of the Noi Bai Airport Security Center at 02435842627. After 24 hours, please contact the Lost and Found Department at Noi Bai International Airport using the hotline 0983774546, check online at http://bags.noibaiairport.vn/, or use the iNIA app on your smartphone; send an email to [email protected], or approach the Lost and Found counters of airlines for further assistance.

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