Airport Emergency Services
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NoiBai international airport ensures to conduct airport emergency in accordance to the plan of Noi Bai international airport that was approval by Vietnam Civil Aviation Authority to ensure absolute security and safety of passengers and flights exploitation at Noi Bai international airport; fully meet the requirements of the law, standards and recommended practices of International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO.

Emergency Command Centre is the permanent organization of emergency synergistic Centre at Noi Bai international airport that operating continuously 24/24 for receiving, processing, deploymenting information and counsel assisting to the emergency steering Committee in respond to urgent situations following emergency Plan of Noi Bai international airport

Contact to the Emergency Command Centre via:

- Level 1, the East of passenger terminal T2 NoiBai international airport

- Contact Phone: 04.3587.6336; 04.3587.6606; 0989803654

- Radio-frequency: 152 750 MHz

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